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              Zhejiang Shunda New Material Co., Ltd.
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                Customer Satisfaction
                Sustainable Development
                Safety, Health and
              Environmental Protection
                Contributing to Society

              Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

              We act in a responsible manner so that economical activities do not take priority over safety and health issues and
                environmental protection.
              We encourage a high level of awareness of safety, health and environmental issues among our employees and strive
                for continuous improvement through agreed-upon objectives.
              We strive to prevent accidents by conducting rigorous inspections and maintenance of equipment as well as operating
              We strive to reduce the risks to and impact on the environment by taking initiatives in energy conservation and waste
              We support the efforts of our customers and suppliers in the safe and environmentally sound handling of the products
                that they receive from us and those products that we receive from them.
              We strive to develop new technologies for the protection and preservation of the environment.


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